Sarit Arora

User Experience Design leader , Oracle


Sarit has served over 20 years as an executive product design leader, serving brands like Oracle, Yahoo, HP, Intel, Citibank, Baxter, MIT Media labs, Columbia university, Suzuki and many others. He is known as a collaborative, creative problem solver, who has helped build and mentor global design teams to help reach their true potential, and create breakthrough products.

He currently leads design for Oracle’s Unity – its customer data platform that helps personalize users journey in real time.. Before that he was the head of design for the CTO organization at Yahoo and helped design Yahoo’s passwordless authentication called account key, redesign of Yahoo answers, groups and Yahoo Merchant store and many more . Previously, he was at Human Factors International, one of the largest human factors and UX consulting company, heading their Bangalore office. He has a masters in product design from National Institute of design and a bachelors in mechanical engineering from Delhi University.

Outside of work, he loves sketching, photography, hiking and internet of things (IOT). On weekends you will find him tinkering with his two kids, in inventing new smart home products.