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Sebastian Elfors

Senior Solutions Architect, Yubico


“Sebastian has worked more than 20 years in the PKI industry with professional services and product development. His technical competences are in the area of strong authentication, electronic signatures, and SaaS cloud computing. In addition to the technology industry, he has experience in legal compliance, audits, and certifications of cryptography products. In particular, he specializes in eIDAS compliant authentication schemes. He is also a member of the FIDO Alliance and W3C and was the main author of the FIDO Alliance white papers “Using FIDO with eIDAS Services” and “Introduction of FIDO & eIDAS Services”.”


June 17 3:35 pm - 4:05 pm
Updates on eIDAS, FIDO Deployments and Recognition in the Europe
Speakers Jaromir Talir Technical Fellow, CZ.NIC
Sebastian Elfors Senior Solutions Architect, Yubico