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Brian Martin

VP of Product Architecture , Gradient Technologies


Brian is VP of Product Architecture at Gradient Technologies, securing the connected world by helping to define and deliver the next generation of authentication and authorization security. Prior to Gradient, Brian contributed to cloudless architecture at HPE, and led network management automation and integration teams at Plexxi (acquired by HPE). Brian served as the Senior Director of Performance Engineering at VMware, and the Vice President of Advanced Development at Virsto Software (acquired by VMware).  Brian has served almost 35 years in IT product development and delivery, and holds 14 patents in distributed and scalable system design and is an active contributor to the CNCF SPIFFE and SPIRE identity authentication projects.


Oct 17 2022 5:15 pm - 5:40 pm
Speakers Jeremy A. Grant Managing Director, Technology Business Strategy Venable LLP Brian Martin VP of Product Architecture Gradient Technologies Jeremiah Mason SVP for Product AuthID Christine Owen Director Guidehouse