Tony MacDonell

Engineering Director

Ryan Galluzzo

Digital Identity Program Lead, Applied Cybersecurity Division

Kateryna Semenova

Sr. Developer Relations Engineer

Eiji Kitamura

Google Developer Advocate

Dr. Cheol-Soon Park

Vice President

Dr. Heung Youl Youm

Professor, Soonchunhyang University / Chairman, ITU-T SG17 / FIDO Alliance Individual Contributor

Henry (Haixin) Chai

FCWG Co-Chair/CEO of Uni-ID Technology

Yi Chen 谌易

Country Manager and Sales Director - China 中国区总经理兼业务总监

Deepti Kurup

SVP Enterprise Customer IAM

Deb Joyti Ghosh


Director – Data Product Development

Shankar Ramaswamy

FIDO Alliance India Working Group Co-Vice Chair / FIDO Alliance Individual Contributor

Srikanth Appana

Executive Vice President Technology, Bharat Financial Inclusion Limited

David Williams Silva

Senior Research Scientist

Brett Winterford

Senior Director, Cybersecurity Strategy

Frank Michaud

Principal Engineer

Evan Johnson

Senior Director of Security Engineering

Jana Farkasovska

Marketing Specialist

Ryan Alexander

VP of Fraud & Identity

Bill Fish

VP of Authentication

Sarbari Gupta

Founder and CEO

Kyle Rutherford

Founder & CEO

Robert Coggins

Director, Digital Experience

Amit Mathur

FIDO Alliance India Working Group Co-Vice Chair / COO, Ensurity

Jim Bray


Steve Kruse

Solutions Architect - Security

Brian Martin

VP of Product Architecture

Jordan Burris

Senior Director, Product Market Strategy - Public Sector

Kim Sutherland

Vice President, Fraud and Identity

Chris DeRusha

Federal CISO

Nathanael Coffing

Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer

Nicole Wagner

Product Marketing Manager Digital Security & Identity

Balu Santhosh

Principal Solutions Architect

Joseph Karpenko

Advisory Leader | Cybersecurity & Risk Strategist

Laurent Fiard

Senior Manager

Sarah Munro

Director of Product: Biometrics

Art Stewart

Global Commercial Strategic Advisor

Courtney Rasey

Deputy Director of Identity Assurancem

Kang Wang

Staff Security Engineer

Dr. Daniel Ahn

FIDO Alliance Korea Working Group Chair / Corporate Senior Vice President, Samsung Electronics

Tina Srivastava


Yash Patodia

Principal Product Manager - Tech

Vittorio Bertocci

Principal Architect

Jaebeom Kim

Principal Researcher

Joyce Oshita

Accessibility Trainer

Sangryeol Um

Territory Manager

Matthew Chiodi

Chief Trust Officer

Rew Islam

Director, Product Engineering & Innovation

Josh Swanson


Emily Houlihan

Senior Product Manager

Hamed Mohammadpour

Sr. Product Manager and Instructor

Jen Easterly


Tim Brown

Global Identity Officer

Chong Seak Sea

Principal Consultant

Jonathan Bellack

Senior Director, Identity & Counter-Abuse Technology

Isabelle Moeller

Chief Executive

Khanit Phatong

Senior Management Officer – Digital Innovation Center

Luis G. DaSilva

Head of Digital Identity Products

Tom Sheffield

Sr Director, Cybersecurity

Christopher Harrell

Chief Technology Officer

Tatsuya Karino


Meir Wahnon


Arman Aygen

Director of Technology

Ian Glazer

SVP, Product Management

Greg Reevosh

Manager, Information Security - Identity Engineering

Siobhan Dolen

Solutions Consultant

Mike Slaugh

Principal Industry Specialist

Matthew Dunn

Director, Secure Authentication Architecture & Technology Engineering

Tatsuya Hayashi 林達也

Identity Architect

Matthew Miller

Technical Leader

Stephen Wilson

Founder & Principal Consultant

Teresa Wu

Vice President, Smart Credentials

Greg Cannon

Principal AI/ML Standards

Paolo Gasti

CTO & C0-founder

Atul Tulshibagwale

Chief Technology Officer

Hitoshi Shinabe 品部 仁志

Manager, Strategic Planning Section

Pedro Martinez

Business Owner Digital Banking Access

Dmitry Barinov

VP Technology, Digital Trust Services

Fredrick Da-Costa

Cyber Security Trainer & Educator

Jiphun Satapathy

Sr. Director Corporate Security

Andreas Pellenghar

Head of Identity and Access Management

Andres Rapela

AVP Secure Payments

Yuya Ito

Vice President, ID Solution Division, Vice Chair of FJWG

Dennis Kniep

Domain Architect for Identity and Access Management

Kelley Robinson

Developer Evangelist

Rita Mounir

Co-founder & COO

Becca Shareff

User Experience Researcher

Hannah Gould

Senior Software Engineer

Dean Perrine

Deputy CISO

Chad Lloyd

Director of Cybersecurity Architecture and Senior Fellow

Assaf Keren

Chief Information Security Officer & VP, Enterprise Cyber Security

Daniel Warren

VP, Product & Program Management

Aviad Mizrachi

CTO & Co-Founder

Brenda Hu 胡則華

Director-General 執行秘書

Jacob Luna

DFW Board Chair

Euccas Chen

Senior Software Engineer

Veronica Wojnas

Senior Service Designer

Chang YuChia 張育嘉

Manager 產品開發經理

Abhinav Lele

Staff Security Engineer

Zake Huang 黃啟峰

VP 副總經理

Rakan Khalid

Group Product Manager, Identity

Alex Chen 陳照東

Business Director - Asia 銷售總監

Chase Cunningham

Chief Strategy Officer

Mike Vesey


Graham Williamson

Enterprise Governance over FIDO2

Kurt Johnson

Chief Strategy Officer

Tamas Zelczer

CEO and Co-founder

Huan Liu

Head of Access Management

Kyungjoon Park 박경준

Security Engineer 보안 엔지니어

Moushmi Banerjee

Sr. Software Architect

Minil Sin


Hirsch Singhal

Staff Product Manager

Libby Brown

Senior Program Manager

Muhammad Fendi Osman

Ministry of Finance Malaysia

Dennis Hills

Sr. Solutions Architect

Lance Wood

Senior Director, Omnichannel Authentication

Court Jacinic

Lead UX Content Designer

Marcio Mello

FIDO Champion

Koichi Moriyama 森山 光一

FJWG Chair, Senior Director of Security Services, Marketing Platform Planning Department

Javed Shah

Vice President of Product Management

Dereck Henson

Security Architect

Jessica Stenberg

Events Specialist

Anthony Lam

Head of Product

Liz Votaw

Identity & Authentication Consultant

Thi Nguyen-Huu

President and CEO

Lance Hood

Senior Director, Omnichannel Authentication

Drew Ward

Product Manager

John Poirier

Global Security Engineer

Geoffrey Cooper

Principal Engineer, IoTG

Abbie Barbir

Security Advisor

Kieun Shin

Manager, SK Telecom and Technical Sub-Group Leader

Petra Silsbee

Head of Department: Fraud Prevention/Dispute Management

Anna Pobletts

Head of Passwordless

Uwe Härtel

Country Manager Central Europe

Gal Steinberg

Vice President Product

Daniel Ferak

Business Unit Director

Randall Templeton

Software Engineer

Jason Beloncik

Director of Solutions-Americas

Veronica Wojnas

Service Designer & Design Researcher

Byung Kwan Oh

Assistant Manager

Tim Cappalli

Identity Standards Architect

David Treece

VP, Solutions Architecture

Sarah Clark

SVP, Digital Identity

Alan Goode

CEO & Chief Analyst

Simon Moffatt

Founder and Research Analyst

Dale Laszig

Senior Staff Writer

Helge Tesdal

Head of Architecture & Platform

Don Shin

Identity Security Strategist

Tola Dalton

Director of Identity Software Development

Clare Nelson

Executive Director

Marcin Zimny

Principal Solutions Architect

Khaled Zaky

Senior Product Manager

Suzie Squier


Josh Cigna

Solution Architect

Jing Gu

Sr. Product Marketing Manager - Secure Customers

Jerome Becquart


Simon Moffatt

Founder & Analyst

Matt Estes

Sr. Manager of Identity Security

Bassam Al-Khalidi

Co-CEO and Co-Founder

Sean Miller

Chief Software Architect

Davor Davidovikj

Software Engineer

Chris Jaramillo

IT Systems Engineer

Gail Hodges

Executive Director

Anne Mamaghani

Founder + CEO

Rakesh Loonkar

President & Co-Founder

Lisa Palma

CEO / Identity SME

Kazuya Aruga

Customer Success Manager

David Kikuchi

Director of Marketing

Taylor Krusen

Senior Developer Relations Engineer

Shinji Kawasaki

General Manager of Product Engineering

Manish Gupta

Director of Software Engineering (Customer Identity)

Nelson Melo

Founding Engineer

Kenneth Myers

Director of the Identity Assurance and Trusted Access Division

Ajay Amlani

Senior Vice President, Head of the Americas

Raj Galagali

Vice President, Solutions Engineering

Christopher Cortes

Product Manager

Gregory Vigroux

Product Line Manager

Abbie Barbir

Program Committee Member

Aaron Parecki

Security Architect Group Manager

Christiaan Brand

Program Committee Member

Tim Cappalli

Program Committee Member

Gregg Ganley

Engineering Security and Identity Architect

Pamela Dingle

Program Committee Member

Bojan Simic

Chief Executive Officer & Chief Technology Officer

John Fontana

Program Committee Member

Cody Salas

Developer Advocate | Solutions Architect

Jeremy Grant

Program Committee Member

Erik Dauner

Senior Program Manager

Leszek Zalewski

Senior Security Architect

Andrew Hindle

Program Committee Member

Mayumi Shin

Business Development Director

Marcin Szary

Co-Founder and CTO

Matthew Miller

Program Committee Member

Teresa Wu

Program Committee Member

Sukhi Chuhan

Senior UX Designer

Andrew Shikiar

Program Committee Chair

Megan Shamas

Content Chair

Adrian Loth

Speaker Relations Lead

Sierre Wofkostin

Senior Product Designer

Tasha Silva

Event Manager

Dan Lamm

Senior Product Leader

Robert MacDonald

VP Product Marketing

Kiran Mantripragada

Senior Manager - Identity and Access Management

Doug Fisher

Senior Director

Scott Bingham

Sr. Program Manager in Identity

Arynn Crow

Manager of Product Management, AWS User Authentication

Alex Weinert

Partner Director of Identity Security

Sarah Cecchetti

Head of Product

Tomasz Kowalski

Co-Founder & CEO

Deb Joyti Ghosh

FIDO Alliance India Working Group Chair / Director – Data Product Development

Ryan Rowcliffe

Field CTO

Allen Storey

Chief Product OfficerChief ProductOfficer

Staci Shatshoff

Assistant Vice President Payments Improvement

Joon Hyuk Lee

APAC Market Development Director

Otto Kruse

Sr. Solutions Developer

Mzukisi Rusi

VP Solutions

Eric Borland

Sr. Solutions Developer

Abrom Douglas III

Sr. Solutions Architect

Anoop Saxena

Co-chair, FAPI Working Group

Kristen Dalton

Director of Strategic Cyber Engagement, Research & Analytics

Joel Di Manno

Laboratory Biometric Service Line Manager

Jeff Steadman

Director, Security & Privacy Risk Consulting

Darrell Hawkins

Information Security Leader

Karen Larson

Vice President of Technology and Partnership Strategy

Jay Leslie

Senior Technical Advisor

Dean H. Saxe

Senior Security Engineer

Jim McDonald

Director, Digital Identity Advisory

Derek Hanson

VP of Standards and Alliances

Dave Kleidermacher

Vice President for Engineering, Android Security and Privacy

Fabian Eberle

Co-Founder and COO

Rolf Lindemann

VP Products

Miguel Villaumbrales

Senior Manager in Global Security Architecture

David Henstock

Head of Identity & Authentication Products

Ashish Jain

Chief Technology Officer

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